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Cassiopeia plugin – unique tube saturation

Are you seeking to infuse warmth and character into your recordings? We’ve meticulously recreated the distinctive sonic character of the hardware unit Cassiopeia and seamlessly integrated it into our plugin. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital modeling, our plugin accurately replicates the rich sound of classic vacuum tube technology. With a wide range of adjustable parameters, you can fine-tune the saturation levels to achieve your desired sound. While hardware units undoubtedly offer incredible advantages, we recognize that owning them is increasingly becoming a luxury. Therefore, we believe that having a digital alternative is essential in today’s workflow.

What is tube saturation?

Tube saturation is an important part of audio engineering that is used to add warmth and character to your recordings. In this technique, an audio signal is passed through a vacuum tube, a type of electronic component that uses a vacuum to amplify electrical signals. When the audio signal passes through the vacuum tube and is driven to heat, the tube interacts with the signal in a way that adds warmth and distortion. This effect is known as vacuum tube saturation, and it has been used to achieve a certain sound on many famous recordings.

There are many different types of vacuum tubes, each with its own unique characteristics. Some vacuum tubes are known for their smooth, warm sound, while others are known for their more aggressive distortion. Cassiopeia employs triode-type tubes, which tend to sound less harsh than pentodes. By carefully selecting the right type of vacuum tube and adjusting the gain, engineers can achieve a wide range of sounds using vacuum tube saturation.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in vacuum tube technology in the audio engineering world. Many modern recording studios have begun to incorporate vacuum tubes into their equipment to achieve a certain sound on their recordings. This has led to a renewed appreciation for the warmth and character that vacuum tube saturation can add to a recording.

cassiopeia plugin

Initially, the development was a result of actual hardware exploration. We utilized it to delve into the secrets of authentic tube saturation. All this accumulated experience is now encapsulated in the plugin version. After numerous AB comparisons, we believe we can achieve 85-90% of the original sound character. In our view, considering the current state of the art, this is truly remarkable. We would never claim 100%, as hardware ultimately serves a distinct purpose.

The range of functions mirrors that of the original, with the added benefit of total recall. Additionally, there are some useful features that the original hardware lacks. The plugin shines due to its subtle character, commonly applied to transient-rich material such as drums or percussive synths. It effortlessly glues the bus without compromising the signal’s original quality. Conversely, Cassiopeia can also be employed to aggressively distort the signal. Simply drive the tubes to their maximum glow, and you’re there.

A demo version is available for free download. For updates on upcoming products and releases, feel free to sign up for our newsletter. The plugin supports AAX, VST3 and AU on macOS and Windows. It is also native-compatible with Apple Silicon.

Signal flow

When examining the signal flow, Cassiopeia and Lyra reveal their simplicity: SATURATION INTENSITY OUTPUT. This configuration embodies all that is necessary to create this piece of gear and indicates that the simplest circuitry is often the best.

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Cassi Users
Aiyn Zahav

I love how this company made a HW unit and just casually decided to make a plug-in spin-off and it’s awesome

Cassi Users

This is a fantastic plug. Does something I’ve been looking for in my plug library. Easy buy. Well done!

Cassi Users

Demoing since a couple of minutes and wow, it is awesome! The saturation sounds natural and smooth even in the limited demo version. Congratulations and thanks for this. Will buy!

Cassi Users

Loved the demo. Couldn’t resist the purchase. Having the oversampling, input trim and color is icing on the cake. Absolutely thrilled with what this is doing on the stereo buss. It creates a lovely cohesion across the mix, a very soft, smooth, blending of elements in the mix. Nothing harsh about it.

Cassi Users

This tube saturation is one of the quickest purchase in my life lol. Finally a pluigin nailed that tube feeling and so easy to use. Plus the good price.

Cassi Users

I bought it on a whim. I noticed it was an emulation of the hardware from said company. While I only played with it for about five mins, I can say I much prefer it on complex or dense material like on busses. […] Good gosh it’s magic on the 2 Bus!

Cassi Users

I bought this plugin as well. Really nice price! I compared it against Kelvin and Kelvin sounded more digital to me than this plugin. I will give it a shot to combine it. Lots of tube warmers getting a bit digital sounding and leaning a bit to the harsh side but that is not the cause with this plugin! Awesome work!

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