Updating your product

Update Procedure for current users depending on situation:
  1. You have a User Account created during Checkout: Just login on our website and download the latest version from your User Account under “Downloads”.
  2. You have No User Account created during Checkout but want one (recommended): Create a user account and come back to us (purchase@klanghabitat.com) with the created username/email and the ORDER NO of your initial purchase. Then we get the chance to associate this ORDER NO with your newly created user account. After 24 hrs come back and proceed with “1”.
  3. You have No User Account created during Checkout and don´t want one: Follow the link in the email you received after your initial purchase. This link is still valid and allows you to download the latest version of the product.

INSTALLATION: In all cases it could be necessary to delete already existing instances of the plugin form the system  plugin directories. Please look into the user manual for more information if your DAW is not loading the new version immediately after the installation.  

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