FIrst plugin (VST/AU)

Yeah it´s finally out. Cassiopeiea is now a VST/AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

It was a long way to go for us, but we finally did it. Our first plugin was launched 1st. sept. We modeled this plugin after the original hardware unit. The hardware unit in API 500 series format will be released in fall 2022.

download the demo to explore vacuum tube saturation

Cassiopeia comes with everything you need right “in the box”. Additionally, we added useful features like auto output gain, input trim and color. This gives the plugin even more flexibility in the creative process. The plugin can run at the normal sample rate or even 4 times higher when oversampling is enabled to reduce artifacts to an absolute minimum.

The plugin comes in AU and VST3 format. Later it will also feature AAX on both Windows and macOS.

We look forward to seeing you create awesome sounds with this plugin. If you want, let us know what you think about Cassiopeiea ( Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter.


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