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This is cassiopeia the stereo vacuum tube saturation module in the api 500 format.

Cassiopeiea & lyra make use of the “natural” characteristics of vacuum tubes operated in saturation. In other words, these tubes are operated outside their originally designed specifications. This is achieved by using the SATURATION potentiometer for the incoming signal. The more this control is turned clockwise, the less the vacuum tube can operate inside spec. The resulting effect is beneficial because it creates overtones. The beautiful thing about using tubes in this context is the reason that clipping occurs in a soft way. The INTENSITY control gives the option to blend in the saturated signal with the original unprocessed signal. This is very handy in cases where the SATURATION control is cranked up but just a small amount of the wet signal is beneficial to the output. The last element needed is the OUTPUT control, which allows the user to give the correct level to the following device in the entire signal chain.

For more in depth information check: cassiopeia-lyra or look into the manual


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 120 × 20 × 80 cm

– Saturation 0 – 100 %
– Intensity 0 – 100 %
– Output +/- 12 dB


[@ 0 dBu Saturation @ 0 %] 0.024 %
[@ 0 dBu Saturation @100 %] 26.3 %


20 Hz – 22 kHz


+20 dBu


+ 20 dBu

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1 review for cassiopeia

  1. B4MixedIt

    Mannnnnn where do i start
    I started with another 500 series module that offered a similar result and no it wasn’t doing it for me (the bass saturated early, so basically no saturation was being gained)
    so i tried the plugin here first just the demo because i wanted a fair comparison since there are no extra settings similar to the H/W
    and when i say it nailed the rms boost and large stereo enhancement i was looking for I was sold!!!
    purchased the H/W unit right away.

    Gave the H/W a test and it passed with flying colors. Larger space in my mix and even more rms out of my mix.
    only thing i noticed was the difference in headroom from the S/W to the H/W the S/W doesn’t clip as easy you really have to drive it, but w.e this is an amazing mix bus tool and will be on my records from here on out….
    Can not wait to try NOS tubes in the bad gal <3

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